Digital Signage for car showrooms

In the first series of articles which appeared on this blog, we described our vision of the life cycle of proximity marketing
We gave a general overview of the elements which form the interaction model between users/buyers and sales points.
This model can be applied in different sectors and this post will focus on how it can be used in car showrooms.

The car industry has been revolutionised in recent years thanks the success of online car marketplaces such as Autoscout24 and, amongst others.
Advertising on newspapers has virtually been replaced by web platforms, allowing huge economies of scale and the expansion of the reach of every single advert, which in theory can now been seen all over Europe.

Moreover, industry-specific marketplaces transform the difficulty of planning big investments into easy digital marketing solutions, which is particularly advantageous for small and medium-size companies. Marketplaces are also an excellent type of support for retailers who can attract more potential clients to their store.

There is a strong emotional component involved when purchasing a car so attracting potential clients into the showroom is essential in order to have a one-to-one exchange.

Digital Signage Car Dealership

What kind of role can a Digital Signage solution play inside a car showroom?

If we analyse the profile of a car dealer, it is clear that his focus is not on the knowledge of IT and electronic tools.
Car dealers are highly experienced and favour direct sales and human contact.
Consequently, a good car dealer is sensitive to all the elements that improve the buying experience of his potential clients and he will therefore understand the strategic importance of digital proximity marketing.

The specialized and highly targeted nature of potential clients means that in-store advertising information is of paramount importance.
Clients want to know how many and what accessories a given car has, how much space there is in the boot, how much the vehicle consumes, its performance, etc.

Moreover, especially on peak days, there isn’t always enough staff at hand in the showrooms, forcing clients to long waits which are hardly enjoyable.

Digital Signage gives the car dealer the chance to inform, educate and entertain the audience, especially while they are waiting.
Products are more and more sophisticated and presenting them in a traditional way isn’t always good enough.
New multimedia technologies allow to transfer structured knowledge to customers who are increasingly interested in using new technologies and interact with them, therefore promoting a natural inclination to explore in a similar environment.

What are the strong points of a Digital Signage solution suitable for car showrooms?

  • No extra-editorial activity
    Car dealers want to create sales prospectuses only once.
    Less time spent on editorial activities = more time for sales activity = more turnover
  • A single update point (dedicated CMS or Marketplace)
    Sale prospectus will be created and uploaded on a single platform.
    Contents will be automatically transferred onto all the available channels: the marketplace, company website, Digital Signage displays, smartphone apps, etc.
    In short, even car dealers can use a multi-channel communication strategy without any additional costs.
  • Professional and interactive default layouts
    This way, a professional and captivating presentation can also be prepared by operators with limited IT experience.
    Interaction elements such as touch screens, social networks integration and QR code marketing will already be included, again at no additional cost or burden.
    These interactive elements can serve as powerful multipliers.
    An example: you can share the details of a car on Facebook simply by clicking on a QR code.
    Carry out an experiment using this example and have a look at the results 😉
  • Easy installation, low cost hardware and minimum maintenance
    With the exception of flagship stores and big dealerships, where spectacular instalments can be set up with unlimited budgets, the vast majority of car dealers needs to keep track of expenses and obtain the best investment/profit ratio.
    In this case, Android-based solutions allow extremely affordable installations which are captivating and functional at the same time.

In conclusion, we can state that in car showrooms, multichannel communication can immediately be implemented with a positive ROI, both on a financial and on the customer satisfaction side.

Technological barriers have almost been eliminated, thanks to the direct integration to web portals and easy to customize templates.

The investment to realize such a solution is very low and can be covered with a solution offered as a service (SaaS), with little monthly instalments

For more details, we suggest you read this article on Poster Parity.


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