How to increase your sales with targeted advertising

According to statistics produced by some of the best research institutes, in the 24 hours prior to reading this blog, you will have been exposed from 1,200 to 5,000 advertising messages/impressions.
Other reliable studies claim that our subconscious mind manages to absorb over 11 million bits of information per second, but it consciously manages to process a maximum of 40.

How to make your ads noted

This raw data is very interesting for those who work in the marketing industry, whose job is definitively very complex, because standing out is becoming more and more difficult.

We can asses this empirically, there is no need to consult opinion polls or an industry analyst. Just ask yourself this question: How many of the 1200-1500 messages you have read over the last 24 hours have stuck in your head? How many of these spurred you to purchase a product?

There are many reasons why the vast majority of advertising messages do not leave a lasting impression on our conscious mind, but they can be summarised in one concept: the message is not relevant to us.

Unfortunately the advertising industry has fought back by radically increasing the number of ads it produces, making them bigger, more frequent, more in-your-face, more scandalous… but this “let’s see who can produce the most” race has only led to an inflation of messages and stimuli, thus generating an extremely vicious cycle.

Is your message relevant?

In order to prove our theory, here is a small test to assess the relevance of an advertising message. We will use the most reliable demographic panel available on the market: that’s you!

You are in a taxi or on a bus heading to lower Manhattan.
It’s 9 o’clock and you are going to be late

On the headrest of the taxi or on the advertising space of the bus, you see the following advertisement:

steak and chips

What are the odds that this message is relevant to you?

Even a broken watch tells the right time twice a day. Therefore during the day this message will be relevant at some time, in some locations, for some people.

Now, instead of an advertising sign printed on traditional paper, let’s use a Digital Signage display.

This will alternate news, useful and trivial information and some commercials.
The result will definitely be more pleasant to look at. However, in terms of the relevance of the message, we have not obtained many improvements if the message is transmitted on loop and does not follow any logic.

Dynamic contents

This is where the concept of dynamic content comes into play. Let us remain in the food and drink industry and set different kinds of scenes.
For each given hour, choose the message of the two that you think is the most relevant.

I picked A all the times. What about you?

The logical conclusion is that, in order to send targeted and reliable visual messages, you need a platform which can differentiate messages, at least according to the time and geographical location.
If you require more granularity (more segments) you can even use external events (such as the weather), gender and age (a 35-50 year old male will probably eat a T-Bone steak in the evening, while a 25 year old lady will opt for a chicken salad).

Do you think such a platform is accessible only to big marketing and multinational agencies?
Do you think that in order to create a solution capable of conveying dynamic and specific content, you need to make big investments?


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